This table rapresents all the expected outputs from the ENEPLAN project.

The files that are already available can be found in the download area.

Output 1.1 Kick-off workshop reportAvailable here
Output 1.2 State of the art and case studies reportAvailable here
The output consists in a report divided in 2 parts: the first describing the results of the state of the art analysis, composed by one chapter for each involved country and a final chapter containing conclusions on common problems, issues and challenges that can be addressed during the project; the second containing 36 filled-in case studies data sheets, containing relevant information and data on the selected case studies (2 for each partner).
Output 1.3 ENEPLAN Cmap web platformAvailable here
It will be the main tool for implementing the project activities and for disseminating their results, being the repository of all tools and documents produced during the project, which will be made freely available. The platform will be a reference point where a broad series of interdisciplinary information on energy planning, RES development, environmental impact assessment and landscape design will be available. It will therefore be object of interest by practitioners, professionals and students, who will be able to freely consult and use the documents made available. The platform will also be a place for interaction within a continuous educational programme: the same users will be able to upload their maps and enriching the existing ones with additional data and materials, thus contributing in increasing the amount of information. A specific archive for uploading data will be made available to this purpose. Moreover, the platform will contain a forum where users will be able to provide their feedback on the ENEPLAN Cmaps. The platform will be also equipped with a specific search filter (basic and advanced), in order to facilitate a quick and effective search for the requested resources. To this end, when uploading their materials, users will be asked to provide keywords illustrating their contribution to the concept map. The platform will use standard web traffic analysis tools in order to monitor the number and typology of visitors and other statistics for the whole duration of the project. Users willing to access the system will have to log in by filling up a simple registration form containing basic information that will be useful for the improvement of the ENEPLAN educational resources. The platform will be continuously updated throughout the course of the project and will be operating also after the end of the project for free access and exploitation.
Output 1.4 ENEPLAN WebGIS - geodatabaseAvailable here
The output consists in a webGIS platform that will serve for sharing the geographical data used by the project partners. The platform will be accessible from the project website and will be designed, implemented and managed using an Open Source software (such as Map Server, GRASS, QGIS, etc.), while the maintenance of the portal and of the web services will be entrusted to external assistance.
Output 2.1 Cmap 1.0 - basic conceptual map (in English)Available here
The basic Cmap will be a shared starting point for all the following project activities, and a reference point for further developments. It will give users the opportunity to start from their own point of view, as regards both their professional interests and level of knowledge. The starting point for its elaboration will be the case studies data sheets. The information contained in the data sheets will be transformed in a single macro-profile, making a synthesis among similar pieces of information. The connections of Cmap 1.0 will serve as a structured repository of profiles guiding the users in the field of energy planning.
Output 2.2 Workshops reports (for each workshop)Available here
Output 2.3 Cmap 2.0 (OER – in English)Available here
This output consists in the upgraded version of the basic Cmap incorporating the results of the thematic workshops on energy planning and GIS tools; environmental and landscape assessment; RES new technologies; Life cycle analysis and energy potential; innovation, applied research and relationships with SMEs.
Output 2.4 Cmap 2.1 (OER – in English and Arabic)Available here
This output will be the evolution and the final release of the Cmap 2.0 (which will be defined as Cmap 2.1 and uploaded on the ENEPLAN web platform), resulting from the activities conducted during the workshop with the students, where practical exercises on specific study cases will be carried out.
Output 3.1 Quality assurance planAvailable here
The plan will aim at ensuring the quality of project outputs and activities and will be based on quantitative data (respect of deadlines, project progress reports, etc.) and on qualitative data (evaluation questionnaires results, reports). Tools for assessing quality of the activities carried out during the life of the project will be checklists and questionnaires, in order to monitor (1) usability of ENEPLAN OERs; (2) intelligibility of learning objectives and instructional design; (3) learning interaction; (4) tutoring and supporting.
Output 3.2 Quality reports (2 update)Available here
Output 4.1 Communication and dissemination planAvailable here
The plan will contain the strategy and tools for i) internal communication among partners ii) external communication towards relevant stakeholders iii) dissemination of ENEPLAN outputs and results. Strategy and tools will be properly adapted to local contexts and different target audiences
Output 4.2 ENEPLAN websiteLink
Output 4.3 ENEPLAN newsletter (biannual - 6 issues)Available here
Output 4.4 ENEPLAN information materials: leaflet, poster, poster "call for participation", leaflet final conferenceAvailable here
Output 4.5 ENEPLAN final conference proceedingsAvailable here
Output 5.1 Project management packAvailable here
Output 5.2 Yearly reportsAvailable here