Work Plan

WP1. Preparation

  • Task 1.1. Transfer of Cmap methodology: organisation of a workshop aimed at transferring to academic staff the methodology and tools that will be used during the project.
  • Task 1.2. State of the art and case studies: analysis of the educational options on integrated energy planning currently offered at the university and post-graduate level in the involved countries, of the legal framework and of the situation of the job market, focusing on current orientations and deficiencies; identification of case studies and collection of the related information
  • Task 1.3. Realisation of the Cmap web platform - for the shared development of conceptual maps. The platform will be realised with an open source software (Moodle) and will be accessible from the project website.
  • Task 1.4. Realisation of a webGIS platform and geodatabase as a common data warehouse to support energy planning, accessible from the project website

WP2. Development

  • Task 2.1. Construction and validation of Cmap 1.0: organisation of a workshop aimed at the collective production of the basic conceptual map educational tool in English, resulting from exchanges among teachers and other experts involved in the project.
  • Task 2.2. Development of thematic OERs: involved HEI in Partner countries will organise 5 thematic workshops in the 5 Programme countries, addressed to teachers and professors, that will aim at enriching the Cmap 1.0 through in-depth study on 5 crucial issues: energy planning and GIS tools; environmental and landscape assessment; RES new technologies; Life cycle analysis and energy potential; innovation, applied research and relationships with SMEs.
  • Task 2.3. Construction and validation of Cmap 2.0, an upgraded version of the basic Cmap during a dedicated workshop.
  • Task 2.4. Testing of Cmap 2.0 through interaction with students. 90 students (10 for each university from the Partner countries) will participate in a workshop and be involved in a practical exercise focused on the application of the Cmap 2.0 tool to concrete case studies.
  • Task 2.5. Maintenance of the Cmap web platform and the webGIS platform and geodatabase.

WP3. Quality Plan

  • Task 3.1. Quality assessment, regarding: (i) OERs – assessed with specific checklists through the application of qualitative criteria; (ii) workshops – assessed through evaluation questionnaires; (iii) collaborative tools and cooperation activities - assessed with specific checklists.

WP4. Dissemination and exploitation

  • Task 4.1. Preparation of a shared communication and dissemination plan, adapted to local contexts
  • Task 4.2. Website and communication materials: preparation of basic contents and creation of the project website; preparation of tools for internal and external communication (newsletter, brochures, posters…).
  • Task 4.3. Final conference.

WP5. Management

  • Task 5.1. Technical management
  • Task 5.2. Financial management